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Are you tired of polls using sample sizes of less than a thousand to tell us what all of America believes? Are you skeptical of assertions that sentiment has shifted when different people are polled each time? We feel your pain.

What we do:

We poll the same 10,000 (and climbing) people on the same questions on a regular basis. If sentiment has truly shifted, our data will show it, because we tap into the same people each time. Rather than trying to 'correct' for a variety of subjective factors, we apply only the most important statistical filters, and only as necessary, and otherwise let the data speak for itself.

What we offer to our survey population:

Each time you fill out a survey, you will receive freebies amounting to between $15 and $30. These freebies might be:

  • Ebooks
  • Mp3s
  • Apps
  • Any other good that can be delivered digitally

Note: your personal information is never resold or given out. Claiming a freebie will never have strings attached. Survey sponsors can only get your information if you decide to give it to them. Only the data is shared, and it is always compiled together with other survey results.

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What we offer to our survey sponsors:

You can target who gets your 'item' based on how they answer certain questions. Only want your freebie to go to people interested in sports? Only want to send it to conservatives, independents, or liberals? Don't care and want to send it to all of them?

  • Target who receives your promotional items and pay accordingly
  • Jump-start awareness of your book, song, or app.
  • Offer a custom survey to targeted groups (requires additional freebies to the community!)

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What we offer to clients:

Need to know what a static group of people really think about a topic or issue? Want to know if opinion on a specific issue has actually shifted? Purchase access to data based on parameters you set. If you want to know what men in Arkansas think about NAFTA and how that opinion changed over the course of a year? Yea, we can do that.

  • Track changing sentiments over a period of time
  • Measure candidate popularity based on ideology, gender, and other interests
  • Subsidize additional, custom questions
  • Access our larger than industry average sample sizes

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Free Ebooks

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Pretty-Much-Just-One-Shade-of-Brown-1-200x300Pretty Much Just One Shade of Brown (Part I)

by OJ Wolfsmasher | Purchase on Kindle

OJ Wolfsmasher seeks to find out what it looks like when an author rage-quits her or his culture. "It probably looks a lot like this parody of Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm so sorry," laughs the author. He also adds that there are surprises in store including special appearances by Justin Bieber and superchef Bobby Flay.

Bard and Book Publishing author, OJ Wolfsmasher brings his creative parody writing to life in the new work, "Pretty Much Just One Shade of Brown".


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surviving active shooter ebook coverSurviving an Active Shooter Incident

by Guardian Martial Arts | Purchase on Kindle

An 'active shooter' is a gunmen who isn't interested in robbing you. He wants to kill as many people as he can before he is killed, and expects to die. Law enforcement's advice is for you to 'hide and hope,' but that is in large part because they don't want you complicating their job. This guide is written with you in mind, not them, and urges you not to have a victim mentality.

The advice given in this guide incorporates the protocols and directions that experts give for surviving an 'active shooter' incident, but assumes that you aren't a school principal or first responder, who have special duties or responsibilities, but rather an average American going about his business, and finds themselves enduring a random act of violence.

Law enforcement aims to reduce the number of casualties. This guide is written to make sure you aren't one of them.  LINK:

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How to Take over the World and Enslave Mankind Using Common Household Items

Book 1:  Your Own Personal Undead Army

by Derek Elkins | Purchase on Kindle

Ever wanted your own personal army of undead slaves? Have you ever been laughed at, scoffed at, or called eccentric, mad or just plain crazy? Then this book is for you.

We know that today's "mad" scientist has limited funds and may be working with a restricted budget. But lack of funding should not be a deterrent to your dreams. Even if you can't have all shiny new beakers and electrodes like those Yale sissies, you should be able to get a reasonably priced chemistry set from your local thrift store.

There are many ways that today's mad scientist can save and still not place his dreams of world domination in the corner to rot. This is a book full of fun hints and tricks that should guarantee a slight modicum of success for any wannabe mad scientist. LINK:

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